Day one:

We departed Shenstone on time with everyone arriving in good spirits.
In the sunshine we drove down the M5 with lots of pirates sounds before we knew it we were in Bristol where a quickish “pit stop” for tea, coffee and hot chocolate was made. 
The motley crew were soon on the road again heading towards our dinner stop at the toby just outside Yeovil. We descended  on the Toby like a bunch of Pirates, gorged ourselves, then we were off again. 
Before we knew it we were in Plymouth, and boarded Pegasus, we were met by Pete and Dan, our crew for the week. Once we had our tour of the boat, which took a matter of seconds, off we went for a brief walk round the marina and up the path to the tower, on the hill. 
Quickly back to the boat for tea of sausage of mash, which Lewis managed to wear, we then washed and after a few ghost stories from our pirates off to bed for our first night afloat. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow episode of Shenstone afloat. 

Day two: In the Shenstone Pegasus House

Chris and I were woken up by my alarm at 6 am.... No idea who forgo to turn it off. Everyone else was up and ready by 8, before we had gotten out of our pjs. 
Breakfast was a decision of which cereal to have and a conversation about who snored the most. The debate is still ongoing. 
We had quick trip over to the showers, as we were moored in the Marina still and it was a last chance for a few days. All kids showered and squeaky clean, we headed back to the boat to cast off. 
After a quick stop off to get some fuel, during which the kids helped with the lines and tying off, we were out of the marina and into the water. Everyone is very safety conscious and wears their life jackets at all times! 
We had lunch whilst moored at a buoy,  a delicious feast of pasty and beans which a lot of the students tried. Not all of them liked.
Then it was up the river. Kids took turns steering the boat. SH especially designated himself the second captain because of his skills! BP fell asleep whilst watching the waves. EC sang about being a pirate and MG threw herself into any task given. 
We moored at a different marina and took a pitstop in Saltash where SH, MG, BP and I took a dip into the estuary... Twas utterly freezing but there was a lot of bravery and laughter. From there we got changed and headed for a quick trip to the local co-op (up one heck of a steep hill!) and then down to the boat again where we packed some equipment for a BBQ in the rain. No one moaned and everyone had a great time! 
Back on the boat for a quick clean up and then a game of Uno, whereby the rules were being re-written as the game was being played... And seemed to favour the children. Despite the brazen cheating, adults still won the majority of the games. All in bed now! 
Stay tuned for episode 3!!