Staff were woke again by a little munchkin having his own internal clock, which was set to go off before 7am, fortunately one member of staff was able to ignore this interruption so they could get their beauty sleep. 
Within sort order the rest of the crew were up and about and sitting down to the normal breakfast afloat of fruits and cereal washed down with lots of coffee (for the staff).
We completed our tasks of washing up and cleaning the boat from bow to stern and port to starboard and soon cast of the lines and and headed out to the deep ocean (the English Channel at 40 meters). 
Passing the houses of Fowey, the other yachts moored, and passing  Dawn french’s house one member waving from the deck but to no avail, we rounded the head land, and captain Pete decided we would put a sail up, the young crew eagerly stood by to pull the ropes as with everything nautical it has to be different and this no exception, instead the 1,2,3 pull on land its 2,4,6 heave hoe, but in no time the spigot sail was up and blowing in the wind, we turned Pegasus towards Plymouth and sailed on.
During the voyage 1st mate Dan ran though the different names for parts of a boat, and showed the crew how to use different equipment these being winch, cleats. The children taking turns to steer the boat under the expert eye of captain Pete or 1st Dan.
By this time the deck were starting to feel pangs of hunger as it had been a couple hours since second breakfast of scones and cream, so dinner was started which was made up of jacket potatoes and different fillings this was later eaten by the crew, while all this was going on Chris was left in charge of steering the boat, I know what could go wrong………. Nothing did, Chris had to surrender the helm to captain Pete as we entered Plymouth break water and the crew where soon at work getting ropes, fenders, and the taking the sail down.
We left the boat and headed towards the ferry so we could go and explore the town, off we went with Lewis in the lead with Chris behind and the crew in the middle, we found a small beach and went for paddle, and played. After such busy afternoon we soon needed refreshment so if we went to find a shop, stopping on the Hoe to look at statues and war manorial’s. Tesco’s was soon located with a quick Shenstone pirate raid refreshments were purchased. 
Back to the park at the rear of the Hoe for a game of what can best described as tig football with a lot of laughing being had by all, all to soon though it was time to head back to ferry and our last night aboard the flagship of the Shenstone fleet Pegasus, but before sat down to a dinner of french curry as described by captain Pete we went for a shower in the heads of yacht club, suitable hosed down we returned to the boat for tea, games and scary stories. Then bed. 
Thus ends our adventures on the high sea’s speaking from the staff view point we could not have had a better crew, who have worked hard all week, and haven’t complained once, we can safely say that our boat has been a very happy one filled with a lot of laughter and fun. 
Thank you to everyone who made this possible, ranging The Island Trust, captain Pete, 1st mate Dan, Shenstone staff who helped us and covered our classes, and Lewis for agreeing to come, but most of all the four crew mates who volunteered for this and have been a credit to themselves and should be very proud of themselves.