Shenstone Afloat part 5

Staff were woke again by a little munchkin having his own internal clock, which was set to go off before 7am, fortunately one member of staff was able to ignore this interruption so they could get their beauty sleep. 
Within sort order the rest of the crew were…
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Shenstone Afloat: Day 3

Day 3: To Fowey
The staff were woken at an unseemly time by one pirate who had woken up early, decided he wasn’t tired and got himself dressed without waking anyone else. Once the rest of crew had been woken we sat down to a hearty breakfast of fruits and cereal.
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Shenstone Afloat: Day 1-2


Day one:

We departed Shenstone on time with everyone arriving in good spirits.
In the sunshine we drove down the M5 with lots of pirates sounds before we knew it we were in Bristol where a quickish “pit stop” for tea, coffee and hot chocolate was made. 
The motley…
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World of Work Week 2021

Monday 22nd March 2021

13:30 - 14:20 An Introduction to Construction

Construction is an amazing sector - look around you, from the ground-upwards you can see the legacy of our architects, local builders, and highways that make our world what it is today. With special guests from Highways…

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Residential statement of Principles and Practice

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