CLASS: Cyclops

CLASS TEACHERS: Samantha Black

LSPS: Danielle Beddow and Leary Johnson



In English we will be:

  • Taking part in daily phonics sessions.
  • Writing in complete sentences and using words like ‘and’, ‘so’, ‘but’ ‘because’ to extend sentences
  • Writing labels and captions
  • Retelling a story.
  • Writing a diary entry.
  • Writing an invitation.
  • Writing a letter.
  • Developing pencil grip, pencil control and control and letter formation.
  • Enjoying reading together texts by famous children’s authors and we will be using information texts to research famous women in history.                                                                     Maths

In Maths, we will be learning about Money, Multiplication and Division, length and height, mass capacity and temperature:

We will:


  • Counting money in pounds and pence using notes and coins
  • Making the same amount in different ways
  • Comparing money
  • Solving calculations with money
  • Recognise and make equal groups
  • Introduce the multiplication symbol and use and write multiplication sentences
  • Use arrays
  • Make equal groups by sharing and by grouping
  • We will learn the 2x,5x and 10x tables
  • Divide by 2,5 and 10
  • Measure in centimetres and metres
  • Compare and order lengths and heights
  • Measure volume and capacity in grams, kilograms, millilitres and litres
  • Use all four operations to solve problems

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During the first term we will be looking at ‘Plants’


In this topic children will:

  • Design and set up a test to find out what plants need to stay healthy
  • Look closely at the parts of a seed that will grow into a plant
  • Describe the life cycle of a plant
  • Explain what plants need to stay and stay healthy
  • Describe how plants are suited to their habitats


In our second topic children will:

  • Match, sort and group young animals and their adults
  • Find out how animals change as they grow into adults
  • Compare the stages of the human life cycle
  • Research and describe what animals need to survive including humans
  • Research Steve Irwin
  • Test the effects of exercise on the human body
  • Investigate the importance of healthy eating and hygiene



This term we will be learning about ‘The Victorians’.


We will focus on discovering more about Queen Victoria as a significant individual and find more about her vast empire, inventions and changes to the lives of children. We will then look at ‘Nurturing Nurses’ Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole to discover more about how they improved nursing. We will be reading texts linked to this unit e.g. ‘Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine’ by Gloria Whelan. ]


We will also be studying ‘Toys Past and Present’

This unit will look at changes within living memory by exploring toys from today and identifying ways in which we find out about the past. We will carry out our own research and compare toys from the present with toys from the past. We will describe how toys have changed and used key vocabulary relating to the passing of time.



Over this term the class will be using ‘Purple Mash’ to explore the units ‘Paint a Picture’ and ‘Presenting Ideas’


Children will:

  • Look at the work of Impressionist artists and recreate them using the Impressionist art tool
  • Look at the work of pointillist artists e.g. Seurat, recreating pointillist art work
  • Look at the work of Mondrian and recreate it
  • Look at the work of William Morris and recreate it
  • Look at the work of surrealist art and use a collage tool to recreate it


Children will also:


  • Explore how a story can be presented in different ways
  • Make a quiz about a story or a topic
  • Make a fact file on a non- fiction topic
  • Make a presentation to the class



In Art we will We will:

Find out about the Victorian artist Claude Monet. We will use finger painting techniques in sketch books and then on paper to recreate paintings of his famous water lily garden.


Design & Technology

As part of our Science unit on ‘Plants’ we will be tasting dips and dippers for research purposes and then we will create our own dips. We will complete this activity as part of a themed week, ‘Horticulture Week’.






This term we will be exploring the units ‘Jesus as a Friend’.

We will ask the question ‘Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?’ Children will role play scenes from stories and discuss what makes a good friend. We will read stories from The Bible including the story of Zacchaeus and the story, ‘Stilling the Storm’. From each story the theme of friendship will be discussed.


We will also look at the theme of ‘Palm Sunday’.

We will ask the question why was Jesus welcomed like a king or a celebrity by the crowds on Palm Sunday? Children will role play what they would do if a special person came to visit and talk about how you would welcome someone special into your home. We will read the Easter story up to Palm Sunday and ask ‘How was Jesus welcomed?’ We will continue to read the rest of the Easter story and discuss the death and resurrection of Jesus. PSHE/RSE


Physical Exercise

In Spring term 1 we will:

  • Set simple goals
  • Work out how to achieve my goal
  • Work together as a team and celebrate achievements with a partner
  • Tackle new challenges and understand this will stretch my learning
  • Talk about obstacles which make it difficult to achieve challenges and share ideas to overcome them.


In Spring term 2 we will:

  • Discuss the difference between being healthy and unhealthy
  • Know how to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Know how to keep ourselves clean and healthy and understand germs cause disease
  • Understand medicines will help us when we feel poorly


In Spring 1 we will complete a Gymnastics unit. Children will:

  • Explore and use space effectively
  • Balance using different parts of the body
  • Link shapes and rolls to form short sequences
  • Explore different jumps, jump and land safely
  • Perform low level shapes with precision and perform shapes in flight


In Spring 2 we will complete a dance unit. Children will:

  • Explore a range of movements
  • Perform a short dance phrase
  • Perform a class dance
  • Observe the work of others and give feedback
  • Perform an air pattern, jump and shape as a short dance phrase.
  • Work as a group to rehearse and refine ideas


Claude Monet Finger Painting | Art Sphere Inc. Have a go at Home!!!                           


  • Visit your local library
  • Grow your own sunflower
  • Make your own bug hotel
  • Use finger painting techniques to create your own artwork
  • Play Simon Says with a friend, parent or carer
  • Set up your own shop at home and pay for things with real or pretend money







If your child has a go at anything at home, then please feel free to send photographs or information.





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