I told you so...

"Museums are boring", "I ain't going" - those were the words from some mouths before heading to the Think Tank in Birmingham yesterday. We arrived, the excitement was building......two minutes in........"this place is amazing!!", "can we come here for my birthday party!!?!?", "I want to see the…

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James Dudley Workplace Visit and Tour

The year 11 pupils had the fantastic opportunity to visit and tour Thomas Dudley. We were given a talk about the history of the company and the products it makes. We were then taken to the foundry to see the cases for motorway cars eyes being cast. The pupils were excellently behaved throughout…

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Shenstone Lodge House Band

The new music room has generated excitement and creativity with the pupils tripping over themselves to have a go on the drums and guitar, expressing inner grooves they never knew they had. Shenstone Lodge House Band available for recording and paid gigs. 

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First Football Match of the Season by Rio E

On Thursday 26th September 2019, The Brades Lodge played a school called Keyham Lodge in Leicester for the first away fixture of the season.


The day didn’t start as we wished, we came to school at normal time, waiting anxiously for the school minibus to arrive from Shenstone. We were…

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Farm Visit

A mid week break in the stormy weather allowed us to make an impromptu visit to a local farm. Surprisingly, the children were very nervous about feeding the animals, however confidence soon flourished with time. Riley also got chased by a flock of geese.  

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Fashion Week

Our contribution to Fashion Week this week are these 100% self expressive painted t-shirts, painted by the residential pupils. It was great to see their engagement and excitement when exploring colour. 

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Welcome Back!

It's been lovely having the pupils back in residence for the evening. Despite changes in the school day and sleep in nights, they've settled in well, bringing with them positive energy and excitement for activities. We've made the most out of the stunning weather, heading offsite to local parks -…

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Sailing Trip September 2019

Day 1

A prompt meeting at 10:30am on Sunday 8th September was a good omen as we planned to depart by 11:00am but were actually ready to go at 10:50am.


There were no tears, only supressed smiles from parents and carers at the thought of a week apart from the students.



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School's out!

You can't deny that 'school's out!' feeling...the exciting thought of an endless summer holds the excitement for the last week of term......our end of term trips to Drayton Manor have been successful, with children grinning and sharing stories of their brave rollercoaster travels...we've also…

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Careers Speed Network Event

Pupils form year 8 and 9 had the opportunity to meet and interact with over 100 employers from a variety of different backgrounds. Pre work for the event included creating a question sheet for to ensure the pupils gain the maximum from the event as possible. As it was attended by over 300 people…

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Is it over there?

This week has kicked off with a spot of orienteering...learning to read a map by recognising objects and (most importantly!), making sure it's the right way up!

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The Power of Drawing

Being able to draw is a skill that be carried forward throughout school life and beyond...it promotes positive well being through relaxation, a way to communicate ideas, develops fine motor skills and nurtures self expression and the creative side. Over the past couple of weeks in residence, we’ve…

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